Scott Corriveau has worked in many senior executive positions

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As a successful business of over twenty five years, Scott Corriveau has a wealth of experience upon which to draw in virtually any challenging business situation. Scott Corriveau has worked in many senior executive positions over the years, including working in transformational change leadership positions. This has helped him to forge a new vision for sustainable growth for a number of companies. Amongst the companies he has helped are business-to-business, consumer, and start up operations. He has worked with a range of businesses in a number of industries, which has helped to further hone his skills. Scott Corriveau also has considerable experience in managing large divisions with teams that are spread out all over the world. This is true whether the teams are reporting directly or indirectly to him.

Scott Corriveau has long been recognized for the commitment that he shows to his entrepreneurial ventures. He is a serious businessman who acts with integrity. Scott Corriveau continues plowing through the work when it is necessary and does not allow himself to be derailed or slowed down by anything. He has a relentless work ethic that speaks to his want to help clients. Even when the business world offers its most difficult challenges, and it does, Scott Corriveau does not ever give up.

Today, Scott Corriveau serves as the President of the Industrial Business Unit for Ansell Healthcare, which is a global business unit. Scott Corriveau runs this operation out of the Brussels office of Ansell Healthcare. Scott Corriveau has recently served in several leadership positions at Ansell Healthcare. This includes serving as the Chief Strategy and Global Marketing Officer and the President of the Specialty Markets Team, both of which are high profile positions with a great deal of responsibility. Additionally, Scott Corriveau has, in the past, held management and leadership positions at various other firms.

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